Lucinda's Story

Lucinda Megill Legendre – member since 2010.


When we were moving to Philadelphia so my husband could study at the University of Pennsylvania, we knew we wanted to find a church that was gay-friendly, or “more light” as the Presbyterians call it. Even though he and I both identify as straight, being in a community that is open and affirming of all matches our beliefs and values. The Gospel is for all people. Jesus’ words of love and calls to justice are for all people. A community is stronger when we can all be our authentic selves. When we found Tab we knew it could be home. A sanctuary of people committed to reflecting and acting together for more justice and love in the world is the kind of place we want to spend time on a Sunday morning. Now that we have two children we are so glad to raise them in a church full of people resolved to teach the good news of God’s inclusive love and live it out. We know that this congregation will support our whole family to be our whole selves and do God’s work in this world. It is so important to us bring our children up in a community that reinforces our values of love for all people, celebration of diversity and commitment to justice. We do this so that no matter where their journey takes them, they will have these values as their foundation.