2017 Sermons

The sermons linked here in reverse chronological order are a combination of mp3 recordings, transcripts, prepared manuscripts, and multimedia presentations.

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We hope you find them uplifting, enlightening, thought provoking and/or spiritually moving.



  • All Saints (Katie Aikins, 11/05/2017) mp3
  • Benediction (Katie Aikins, 10/29/2017) mp3
  • The Currency of the Kingdom (Katie Aikins, 10/22/2017) mp3
  • Because the Lord (Pastor Pamm Williams, 10/15/2017) mp3
  • First Fruits Stories (Jean Erb, 10/08/2017) mp3
  • Give us Water (10/01/2017) mp3
  • Joy in Our Midst (09/24/2017) mp3
  • (Rev. Meagan McLeod, 09/17/2017) mp3
  • Summed up in One Word (Katie Aikins, 09/10/2017) mp3
  • Honoring Parents: It’s Complicated (Katie Aikins, 07/23/2017) text
  • Sabbath as Resistance (Katie Aikins, 07/16/2017) text
  • Using God’s Name (Katie Aikins, 07/09/2017) text
  • The Greatest Commandment (Katie Aikins, 06/25/2017) text
  • The First Word (Katie Aikins, 06/18/2017) text
  • (Lucinda Megill Legendre, 06/11/2017) mp3
  • Bending Trees (Katie Aikins, 06/04/2017) mp3
  • Life In the Wild (Naomi Washington-Leapheart, 05/21/2017) mp3
  • Rising With Christ (Katie Aikins, 05/15/2017) mp3
  • The Good Shepherd (Katie Aikins, 05/07/2017) mp3
  • Ain’t It A Pity (Sam Steffen, 04/30/2017) mp3
  • What a Wonderful World (Megan Mcleod, 04/23/2017) mp3
  • I Have Seen The Lord (Katie Aikins, 04/16/2017) mp3
  • Stumbling Over The Cross (Katie Aikins, 04/02/2017) mp3
  • Taking The Form of A Slave (Katie Aikins, 03/12/2017) mp3
  • I See People But They Look Like Trees (Katie Aikins, 03/05/2017) mp3
  • Go and Do Likewise (Lauren Giaconne, 02/26/2017) mp3
  • Doing the Extraordinary (Katie Aikins, 02/19/2017) mp3
  • The Beatitudes Extended (Dick Fernandez, 02/12/2017) mp3
  • Who Are You With? (Nicolas O’Rourke, 01/29/2017) mp3
  • Follow Me! (Katie Aikins, 01/22/2017) mp3
  • Knock at Midnight (Meagan McLeod, 01/15/2017) mp3
  • When God is a Star (Katie Aikins, 01/08/2017) mp3


  • The Threat of Forgetting (Katie Aikins, 11/06/2016) mp3
  • The Silo Effect (Susan Wargo, 10/30/2016) mp3
  • Jesus and Lockerroom Talk (Katie Aikins, 10/23/2016) mp3
  • Righteous Anger Needed (Meagan McLeod, 10/16/2016) mp3
  • Sloth: Lazy About Love (Katie Aikins, 10/09/2016) mp3
  • I Can’t Get No Satisfaction (Lauren Giaccone, 10/02/2016) mp3
  • Vainglory: Spinning Our Image (Katie Aikins, 09/24/2016) mp3
  • Make Room (Dee Dee Risher, 09/18/2016) mp3
  • Envy, The Sin That’s No Fun at All (Katie Aikins, 09/11/2016) mp3
  • Love’s Training Ground (Katie Aikins, 09/04/2016) mp3